TestMem support page. TestVideoRAM - license.

TestMem4 - limitations to usage.

The program is given on conditions AS-IS and is not intended for commercial application and any activity, the profit serving to obtaining. Sale, usage of the program more than on 1 computer and (or) 1 videocard here enters. And also, allocation of the program in any places internet and the carrier (a CD-ROM and similar), except for my homepage (at present testvram.nm.ru/http://testvram.narod.ru) is not admitted. If you agree to adhere to the above-stated limitations....
The archive tm4v.zip consists of two files - readme.txt and tm4.zip. Last, purely, also is TestMem4 program that it to unpack, it is necessary to type in the command line:
pkunzip -sytnksdfnjitgr6g78c tm4.zip
or, any another unpacker, compatible with zip v2.**, with the password
The password is entered for one simple reason - readme nobody reads...:)
I shall specify ---- it is packed pkzip V2.04, is also pkzip V4 - be closer(more attentive).

Good luck!